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Rolling mortar wall
The broken wall
Hubei board
Roll skin hammer head
The company mainly produces a variety of special mining equipment, domestic, imported models, large mortar wall, crushing wall, tooth plate, ball mill liner, circular arc machine liner, roller, etc., is Shanghai Jiafron, Luoyang Dahua, Guangzhou Lei Meng, Nanchang mining machine crushing plant supporting suppliers, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with them. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Japan, Australia, Kazakhstan and the United States.
Application field

The company has a complete and comprehensive service system: to provide product quality problems return service, bear customer losses, provide solutions; Recommend and select the casting chemical formula according to the actual use environment of customers; According to the actual samples provided, special requirements, free mapping and production of drawings, open mold for processing customized; Configure sample workshop, support customer factory inspection, provide VIP reception services, high-end commercial vehicles direct airport shuttle;

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